Our Added Value - The Barn at Fairview Acres

Our Added Value

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Did you know that for many event and wedding venues the only thing that is included is the tables and chairs? Not at The Barn at Fairview Acres! It is our goal to include many of the things you will need to make your event perfect. We include so many options you won’t get elsewhere such as lighting options and decor, servers, linens, even a day with our wedding coordinator! We also provide things to make your day extra special like access to all of the grounds including the pond, games and a firepit. 

How do we give you added value?

TIME If you review our value list, you will see that numerous items on the list are things you would have to hunt for yourself. We are a one-stop venue and hope to provide you with almost everything you could think of to save you time. 

STRESS:  With the help of an on-site wedding coordinator, you can rest assured your day will go smoothly. When you know that so many of the details are already taken care of you can just relax and enjoy your day!

MONEY:  Some venues seem to come at a great price. When you are hunting for a venue you look at that number first, are we right? But when you add up the cost of all the details like servers, linens, and decor the cost skyrockets. With The Barn at Fairview Acres one cost covers it all. You end up saving in a big way. 

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