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An average bride will spend 200-300 hours planning the biggest party you’ll probably ever throw while trying to make both sides of this new family happy. The Barn provides a complimentary 4 hours of assistance before your day. After the 4 hours you can contact one of our wedding planners to design the correct amount of support you may need. There are ala carte options as well as full wedding planning services. The following Q&A will help us plan your perfect day.


“Q: I see you have lots of decorations, but who does the decorating?”


A: First, we meet with your brilliant brain and plan what items of ours you want to use as they are all included in our pricing. We lay out table decor you love, take an inventory of those items, and take pictures of it as well.

Second, before you arrive, we bring all the décor you love into the great room and place them on the food tables. They are then ready for your team of hands to place out on the tables when you arrive. The good news is that the room will already be set with the reception tables and chairs and ceremony seating, so the table decorating is the fun part and is very simple!

Lastly, if you’d like to be able to walk in and have your vision completely in place for your approval or amendment, that is absolutely possible. We have an option for you to hire one of our caring and detailed wedding planners for $700 and she will spend lots of extra time with you planning, scheming, and really learning your vision and will set up all the décor for you before you arrive and as you bring in the items you may want to add for your day! The choice is yours…hands on or hands free!


Q: “If I book only one day, how do we do rehearsal?”


A: Rehearsal is typically a simple process here because we run it! It is done in the am before everyone is dressed for the day. We line up your wedding party, show them where to pause for pictures and tell them when to go. They are guided in this process the entire time.

If you do not want to see each other before the ceremony on that day, we simply run it without one of you! The last one down the aisle has the simplest role!! You will just want to have a meeting with your officiant to go over what to expect prior to that day.


Q: “With a one day rental, how early may we come in to begin our day?”


A: We base that on how much time is needed for hair and make-up. So it could be 8am, 7am or even 6am if needed! We will work with you. Hair can take some time and zero stress is the goal!


Q: “So, explain this shuttle to me.” (Not a question but loaded with questions.)


A: The van holds 14 guests and the driver. Because of its size limitations, it cannot take care of the entire guest list but it is great at some key pieces. We use it to pick up and drop off the wedding party to and from their accommodations in the surrounding areas so they don’t have to be concerned with leaving their vehicles here or retrieving them in the morning. We can pick up select guests ahead of time before the ceremony. That just requires a specific list at strict times. At the end of the night, we typically make 3 shuttle runs (for example 9pm, 10pm and 11pm). We reserve the 11pm shuttle for your wedding party. If the last shuttle needs to hold more than the wedding party, we have several great outside resources you could hire to get your last bit of party people back safely. Our simple shuttle is not one to promote on your invitation as it cannot accommodate all guests. We also have a great resource if you want to provide every guest the option to shuttle here. If you have a lot of designated drivers in attendance, you may not need extra shuttle assistance. You will know what you need since you know your people best!  If you know you need extra shuttle support, our team can help you problem solve this if you’d like. For $400 one of our brilliant planners will clear these muddy waters. Who needs it? How much help do you need? Your planner will create pick up times and lists, etc. She will take the time and care to ensure you are not worried about your guests on your big day!


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