Other Shenanigans

Looking to throw a party at a great event venue? Not only do we host weddings and corporate events, we also host other shenanigans such as anniversaries, high school or college graduation parties, retirement celebrations, and more! We can even host your fundraising event. We look forward to helping you plan your event.

event venue

Barn and Courtyard:

  • 3 hours $270
  • 6 hours $510
  • 8 hours $640

Bin, Barn, Crib, and Courtyard:

  • 3 hours $370
  • 6 hours $610
  • 8 hours $740


  • 1 staff member/bartender
  • Clean up
  • Tables and chairs
  • Bags set
  • Fire pits

* Weekdays–especially Monday-Thursday–and Sundays are ideal.
* Friday and Saturday availability is limited.

To learn more about the pricing for fundraising events, please contact Cristy or Lindsey.

  • Lindsey 850-217-6477
  • Cristy 309-337-7465

Contact us to schedule your shenanigans at our beautiful event venue! 

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