Hosting Events at the Barn

Now that our event venue is finished and we have had both our first wedding and our first events (like our Open House, craft night, and Bags at the Barn), we know we are ready for all types of events. Whether it is something you have put together and are hosting for your friends or family, or something we have organized with local businesses and you are joining us for, we are so excited for all the possibilities that are available to us and you with this space.

We’ve put together a lot of fun events like our Bags at the Barn event, which was a cornhole tournament with lots of food, friends, and fun! We have had a few of these events in the last couple months. We had both casual play and competitive tournaments so everyone who came had a chance to play at their level. There was delicious food and lots of great company, as well!bags at the barn

We recently also had our first craft night at the Barn. It was a fun and even relaxing night with come very adorable creations from those who attended. We are hoping to have even more people attend our next craft night on August 15th, 2019!craft night

If you are looking for an event venue for hosting your event in Iowa or Illinois, look no further. We are a beautiful, spacious venue in Biggsville, Illinois and we have the amenities to make your event or wedding incredibly special. Contact us for rates or visit our website for more information.

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