History of Biggsville, IL & our Wedding Venue | The Barn at Fairview Acres

History of Biggsville & Our Farm

The History of Biggsville, Illinois

In Henderson County, there’s a small town called Biggsville, IL. This tiny town has less than 400 people, but the area is home to our farm. There aren’t too many things that stand out about our little town–although the views aren’t too bad–but Ora Smith is one of them. Ora Smith was the previous owner of our farm. He was a resident of Biggsville for most of his adult life, and also a six-term House representative from the years 1937-1949. He also served one term as an Illinois State Treasurer and an unexpected term as an Illinois Senator. Ora Smith was the owner of our farm before us, and we’re proud that our barn wedding venue in IL has such a rich history.

Our Farm is the Perfect Wedding Venue in Illinois

We don’t mean to brag, but this farm has some of the most stunning views. It’s hard to find any moment that isn’t picture worthy. When you book with us, you get the rustic, quaint atmosphere as well as the breath-taking fields, sunsets, and barn. We know your event will feel special here. Contact us today to book your wedding, banquet, or other event for next year. We have begun building a brand new barn and are well on our way to making our venue even more beautiful. We also offer many unique amenities, including a morning of fishing on the property for the groom and groomsmen. We know you’ll be happy here at our wedding venue in IL. Give us a call today!

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