Bar Options for Your Barn Wedding | The Barn at Fairview Acres

Bar Options

Cash Bar

  • Beer $4
  • Wine (and/or Champagne) $6
  • Specialty Drink $6-$8
  • Soda $1
  • Water $1

Domestic Open Bar 

  • Domestic Beer
  • Wine (and/or Champagne) 
  • Soda
  • Water

$15 per person at the event

Craft Open Bar

  • Craft Beer
  • Wine (and/or Champagne) 
  • Soda
  • Water

$20 per person at the event

Specialty Drink 

Have you ever wanted to have a drink named after you? With a specialty drink you and your signifigant other can choose and name two drinks to be offered the evening of your event. You will leave that night with half of the profits from the sales of those drinks.

This option is always a cash bar. The couple may choose two drinks we will promote for purchase. This is like a dollar dance but for the non-dancers in your group! We will track all specialty drinks purchased and at the end of the evening, the couple gets half of the profits back as a thank you for allowing us to celebrate with them!  That can come back to them in cash OR the couple may apply that to their bar tab if they choose an open bar option.

Still don’t quite understand? Read our blog and watch our video here!

Other Options

*We are happy to implement a ticket system ($5 per ticket) if you’d like to provide a limited number of drinks for your guests.
*We can provide wrist bands for the guests that you’d like to pay for during the event.  We will only apply their drinks toward your bar tab.
*We can switch from open bar to cash bar at a predetermined time or budget limit.
*We will work with you to make this no stress and simple!  

We will provide all beverages for your wedding or event.  We provide security, insurance, and drinks for the bridal suite and groom’s bin, therefore no outside alcohol is allowed on the grounds.  Thank you so much for your understanding and cooperation. Keg rentals are not available.

There will be a 10% gratuity added to the final bar tab in any open bar option.  

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