Amenities Matter at a Barn Wedding

Barn weddings with their exposed rafters, rural charm, and country setting have a rustic appeal, but how rustic do you really want your wedding? Amenities matter at a barn wedding.

Old wooden barn falling apart
Your dream of a rustic barn wedding can be a nightmare for your guests if the site lacks amenities.

Twinkling lights and lace are one thing, noisy generators, portable toilets and drafty livestock buildings are another. Make sure your dream wedding isn’t a nightmare for your guests.

At The Barn at Fairview Acres, you can have the rustic barn wedding you’ve pictured in an environment that’s comfortable and charming for your guests.

Generators, portable toilets and no heat 

At other locations, when you schedule a barn wedding, all you get is a barn.

While the site might be perfect for storing bales of hay or milking cows, it wasn’t built for intimate dinners with family and friends.

Because many barns aren’t designed for weddings, you’ll need to bring in equipment such as portable electric generators.

Most brides dream of walking down the aisle to Mendelssohn’s “Wedding March” not the noisy hum of a diesel motor.

At other sites, to make up for the lack of restroom amenities, portable toilets must be rented, not usually a feature associated with romantic weddings.  

Lack of heating or air conditioning at other barns could mean your joyous occasion is an event to endure, instead of enjoy.

Guest want to watch you cut the cake, not see their own frozen breath. Likewise, the night should be about catching the bouquet, not swatting mosquitos. 

At The Barn at Fairview Acres, the extras are included

If you’re only renting a barn, basics like tables, chairs, and linens aren’t included and must be rented, saddling you with extra costs and the stress of making sure rented items arrive – and are returned – on time.

Barnwood table set for a wedding dinner with greenery, glassware and candles
At The Barn at Fairview Acres, we can make your dream rustic wedding a reality.

The Barn at Fairview Acres was built with you in mind. Our site has country charm and nearly $12,500 in added amenities, including rustic decor like Mason jars and twinkling fairy lights.

When you schedule your wedding at The Barn at Fairview Acres, we’ll make the country barn wedding of your dreams come true while offering a venue set up to serve your guests.

Make your wedding memorable for the right reasons. Contact us to see all that The Barn at Fairview Acres offers.

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