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Finding the Perfect Photographer for your Barn Wedding

A wedding photographer is easily one of the most important decisions a couple can make. You want a photographer that is reliable, trustworthy, affordable, and takes pictures that you will treasure the rest of your life. Photos help us remember the best moments of our lives, and all of us want to remember just how beautiful our wedding days are. So here are some tips on finding the photographer that is right for you and your barn wedding.

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Research Photographs you Would Like for Your Barn Wedding

Wedding photography is all over the place. Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest; social media is a great place to find inspiration. Gather photos that you like together and take a look at the similarities. Do you like candids? Maybe you prefer posed photos? Do you like laid back or formal photos? Or are dramatic photos more your style? Find the type of photos that you like so you have a “shopping list” so you can focus on photographers who have a style similar to what you want.

Read Reviews on Google, Facebook, or the Knot

Look at reviews on your prospective photographer on their social media. Read reviews–good and bad. If you are seeing repetitive negative reviews, take your business elsewhere. Lots of positive reviews from people who have actually hired them are going to be your best friend. Take a look at their galleries and make sure their aesthetic matches what you are looking for. Make sure your photographer is timely, personable, and has a good eye.

Interview the Photographers you are Considering for your Barn Wedding

Email the photographers you are looking at and see if they are available on your wedding day. Make sure to give them an idea of what you are looking for; what you and your spouse are like, your vision for your wedding day, and send some photos that you really like. If they are available for your wedding day, set up an interview and see if you mesh.

Look at Pricing and Review Packages

If you are clicking with a photographer, look into their pricing and packages. See if they are within your budget and compare their pricing and packages with other photographers that you like. Make sure during this time to ask about your rights with the photographs. Can you post them online without a watermark? Do you have to tag them if you post them? Can you print them on your own or do you have to buy the rights to the photos? Make sure you know everything before you agree to work with them. And know what you can expect after the wedding as well. How long will it take before you have access to the photos? Have an in-depth discussion before making agreements! From here, it is up to you. Work with the photographer that you love and that will give you the best pictures possible!

If you are still looking for a wedding venue, consider booking your barn wedding with us here at the Barn at Fairview Acres. We can also help recommend some amazing photographers, as well. Contact us today for more information!

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